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Top-Quality Ebikes in Dublin

Our Dublin Electric Bike Shop has over ten years of experience as an electric vehicle specialist in Ireland. Our in-store mechanics provide maintenance services for all brands of electric bicycles or electric scooters. It is our responsibility to offer high-quality electric bikes specifically designed to meet various needs without breaking the bank.

Ebikes in Dublin are your local store with a global brand you can trust for the highest quality electric bikes and top-notch customer service.

Ebikes in Dublin are the first Irish company to develop an Irish e-bike brand with a global presence while flying the flag.

Ebikes in Dublin
Talaria Sting MX

Talaria Sting MX Bike

Our ebikes in Dublin are excellent addition to the range of all-terrain electric bikes and brings essential improvements for riders who like to live on the edge. All Talaria Stings features a black anodized 6061 T4 and T6 aluminum alloy casing, a 60V 38.4A per hour battery, RST Killah forks, and a 6″ air-cooled electric motor. 6000W (maximum power) ) in the housing of a technologically advanced 2-speed gearbox delivers this power through smooth movement and a constant curve, up to 77 miles per hour.

Our ebikes in Dublin are combined with its low 58kg net weight, the STING’s power-to-weight ratio is unmatched, allowing you to hit the trails harder and faster for longer. With 4-piston hydraulic brakes, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing you’re in complete control.

Apollo RFN Bike

Our ebikes in Dublin offer a premium 74V 12.5kW vehicle at a much more affordable price, allowing more customers to enjoy the benefits of 74V without incurring upgrade costs. The “Rally Pro” uses a “Direct Drive” to transfer power to the steering wheel and thus work more efficiently. Even in Eco-Turtle mode, the range increases to around 100 miles.

The gearbox is designed for instantaneous torque rather than a higher top speed, so it aims for fast, short-term power, particularly in ‘Rocket’ mode, which delivers 12.5kW for 9 seconds. Other design features include a higher seat height and MX styling, a wider swingarm and rear tire, two-stage brake regeneration, and, most importantly, the ability to remove the seat to convert the bike. For tests, climbs, and acrobatics.

Ebikes in Dublin
Talaria Xxx Mx
Talaria Xxx Mx Bike

Among the Ebikes in Dublin which Talaria offers Xxx Mx is the major high salable ebike. This motorcycle has 19″ front and 17″ rear wheels, peak power up to 6Kw.
This ebike in Dublin has Motor Type of IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet). This E-Bikes in Dublin have
rated Voltage: of 60V (DC). This motor cycle having maximum Power: of 6000w and maximum Torque: 34Nm. This e-bike in Dublin has a rear Wheel Torque: of 233Nm 48T
This e-bike in Dublin have peak Efficiency of 92%.
The Gearbox: Gear of e-bike in Dublin has ratio of 6, 85 48T
This e-bike in Dublin have Primary gear: belt and have Secondary gear: chain

Talaria Xxx L1e

The Talaria STING electric mountain bike is designed to offer maximum performance to all riders. It features a lightweight CAD-designed frame and a powerful electric motor that delivers instant torque through an intelligent gear transmission while running quietly.

Its compact and balanced structure is easy to maneuver and requires minimal maintenance. These features make the STING an ideal all-terrain bike that allows more people than ever to enjoy the passion and excitement of off-road adventures.

Talaria Xxx L1e
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