About Us

The joy of easy and hassle free travel using electric scooters made us dream about starting this business.

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Stand Behind Our Work

We’re committed to providing you the best service possible. If you’re not completely satisfied with our workmanship, we will do our best to correct the problem in the most efficient and professional manner.

To us, a bicycle is considered very personal and special to the owner. We acknowledge this relationship; thus, it’s our pledge to ensure your bike receives the utmost care and attention.

Every bicycle repair is unique, and the repair cost varies, but we promise to be reasonable and fair. In fact, if you’re not satisfied, we’re determined to make it right.

Every cyclist knows their bike better than anyone — it’s personal to you. If something doesn’t feel right after your bike has be serviced by our processional technician, kindly inform us immediately.

About Us
we value our clients

Customer service is at the core of our business

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